Randy Reiman's Attention Span

Joyah has joined the incredible cast of Randy Reiman's Attention Span playing at the Fringe festival this August. Directed by Jake Smith (UCB, Rumpleteaser), Attention Span blends personal observations with offbeat characters for a thought-provoking trip through the modern psyche.

DROM (85 Avenue A, New York City)

SAT - 8/13 – 8:00pm
TUE - 8/16 – 5:00pm
WED - 8/17 – 9:30pm
FRI - 8/19 – 3:45pm
WED - 8/24 – 4:00pm

For more tickets and more information please visit: https://attentionspanshow.wordpress.com/

Joyah Spangler