Reckless Theatre presents: Thirty Minute Thrones

Catch Joyah playing every redheaded lass in Westeros in Thirty Minute Thrones. Come have season six of Game of Thrones cracked out, cut down, boiled up and fed to you like a Greyjoy. You’ll eat it and You’ll like it.

Every sunday night at 8:30 pm
$5 or free with a Reckless student ID

FEATURING COMEDIANS: Aaren Lasky, Ali Levin, Michael Hernandez, Joyah Spangler, Andrew Coalson, Jenny Gorelick, Patrick Williams, Adrian Burke, Thomas Kelley, Ian OKeeffe, Eric Feurer, Anne Veal, Matt Clevy, Donald Chang, Alexandra Tarkhan, Trevor Wade, Michael Greene, Andrew Turowski, Zack Martin, Will Huebner, Samantha Evans

Joyah Spangler