Siren's Den Workshop

Joyah will be playing the role of Remy Morgan in the workshop of Siren's Den by Rori Nogee.  As BroadwayWorlddescribes it: Siren's Den is a dark, modern twist on the myth of the Greek sirens. Here, the turbulent sea is the music industry, and the siren is Skylar Cole, a seductive indie rock singer in NYC. Skylar's biggest fan is aspiring singer, Remy Morgan, who finds that spending time with Skylar fuels her own songwriting. Soon, Remy finds herself drawn into a world of drugs, lust and empty promises, where some idols don't deserve pedestals and some dreams come with dire consequences.

There will be two showings:

April 3rd and 4th - 7:30

The Theatre Under St. Marks

Tickets available here:

As an AEA Showcase, Equity members may rush the show for free.

Joyah Spangler