Ultimate Man @ NYMF

Joyah will be joining the NYMF cast of Ultimate Man! in the role of Beth. Ultimate Man! Is a fun new comic book muiscal with a book by Jane Edith Wilson & Charles Abbott; Music By Alastair William King; Lyrics by Paul Gambaccini, Alastair William King & Jane Edith Wilson and was originally conceived by Paul Gambaccini. Click the link below for dates and tickets!

Reckless Theatre presents: Thirty Minute Thrones

Catch Joyah playing every redheaded lass in Westeros in Thirty Minute Thrones. Come have season six of Game of Thrones cracked out, cut down, boiled up and fed to you like a Greyjoy. You’ll eat it and You’ll like it.

Every sunday night at 8:30 pm
$5 or free with a Reckless student ID

FEATURING COMEDIANS: Aaren Lasky, Ali Levin, Michael Hernandez, Joyah Spangler, Andrew Coalson, Jenny Gorelick, Patrick Williams, Adrian Burke, Thomas Kelley, Ian OKeeffe, Eric Feurer, Anne Veal, Matt Clevy, Donald Chang, Alexandra Tarkhan, Trevor Wade, Michael Greene, Andrew Turowski, Zack Martin, Will Huebner, Samantha Evans

Reckless Theatre presents: ACTION!

Lights, camera, ACTION! 2 groups improvise a full-blown action movie, a show brought over for its New York debut from the Gothenburg Improv Theatre in Sweden by Anders Fors!

Expect fights, car chases, explosions....... and LOVE. You're definitely not too old for this shit, so come out to the Reckless Theatre and watch the ACTION! unfold!

$5 or free with a Reckless student ID

June 3rd, 10th and 17th @ 10 PM

Cast of Comedians:
Andrei Alupului
Michael Bird
Matt Calanese
Ben Cohen
Ellinor Denkert
Jenny Gorelick
Michael Hernandez
Glennis LaRoe
Orli Matlow
Andrew Migdail
Tobin Mollett
Joyah Love Spangler
Jesse VandenBergh
Trevor Wade


Joyah recently played the role of Miranda Cole-Stebbings in the first reading of The State Of Hockeyat New York University's Graduate Musical Theatre Program. This piece is a new musical by MandaLeigh Blunt and Jeff Wildermuth set in modern day Minnesota. When the pro hockey team is sold to New Mexico, the teenage son of a legendary hockey player rallies the community to fight the sale, using social media as their weapon. Rally turns to riot and are unable to save the team, but are able to come together for their team’s final game. It’s energetic and bittersweet with a rock score that includes arena, classic, and pop rock, and features hockey inspired choreography.

Siren's Den Workshop

Joyah will be playing the role of Remy Morgan in the workshop of Siren's Den by Rori Nogee.  As BroadwayWorlddescribes it: Siren's Den is a dark, modern twist on the myth of the Greek sirens. Here, the turbulent sea is the music industry, and the siren is Skylar Cole, a seductive indie rock singer in NYC. Skylar's biggest fan is aspiring singer, Remy Morgan, who finds that spending time with Skylar fuels her own songwriting. Soon, Remy finds herself drawn into a world of drugs, lust and empty promises, where some idols don't deserve pedestals and some dreams come with dire consequences.

There will be two showings:

April 3rd and 4th - 7:30

The Theatre Under St. Marks

Tickets available here:

As an AEA Showcase, Equity members may rush the show for free.